Aged Care Advice GeneratorTM

Our own unique modelling software enables you to take control of the advice strategy development. With a simple data input section and template wording it is intuitive and easy to use and allows you to model up to five strategies. Help functions are available to help you when needed.

The Advice GeneratorTM has been specifically designed for modelling aged care scenarios and significantly reduces the time taken to prepare advice documents as well as minimises the risk of making errors.

Capabilities of the Advice Generator

Find out more about how the Advice GeneratorTM can make you efficient in delivering your aged care advice services.

Video: Overview of the Advice Generator

Watch a video to get an understanding of the features and capabilities of the Advice Generator.


Video: AdviserVoice/Zurich FinTech Lab – Episodes 9 and 10, Aged Care Steps

The Advice GeneratorTM has been tested by a panel of advice professionals, with practical feedback provided.

These episodes feature an outline from Assyat David of Aged Care Steps on the Aged Care Advice GeneratorTM software, followed by discussion from our panel on the software’s application in a real financial planning practice.

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