Welcome to the Aged Care Steps – Advice in Practice podcast series, hosted by Paulette Trevena. In these podcasts, we discuss and explore issues impacting aged care advice.

The Royal Commission into aged care

In this special episode we explore The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Is it a broken system and what does this report mean for financial planners, and their customers? Aged Care Steps Director Louise Biti discusses the implications of the Aged Care Royal Commission for financial planners.


FASEA requirements for aged care standards

Aged care advice is moving towards a core component of financial advice due to an ageing population. This is reinforced by the FASEA Code of Ethics.

In this first podcast, we discuss practical insights to guide advisers and licensees on steps to meet FASEA obligations, protect advice business from disruptions, and be positioned for growth.


Planning for the third phase of retirement

In this second podcast, Paulette Trevena speaks with Assyat David, the author of the white paper: Planning for the third phase of retirement. This paper challenges thinking around financial advice, particularly in relation to retirement planning – a problem increasingly relevant both in Australia and around the world as we face the issues associated with an ageing population.


Why aged care and choosing a business model

In this third podcast, Paulette Trevena speaks with Louise Biti about why financial planners should consider moving into the aged care space.

Louise shares advice and success stories from planners who have made this move and discusses the approaches and options around choosing a business model.


Making money from aged care advice

Aged Care advice is becoming a core component of financial advice which  has helped many advisers boost business activity and profits and create better client relationships. But what are the keys to this success?

Join Paulette Trevena and Assyat David in this fourth podcast to explore how to make aged care advice profitable.


Getting started with aged care advice

The fifth podcast focusses on how to set up an aged care advice business – including service propositions, processes and a focus on business efficiency.

Hear from Paulette Trevena and Louise Biti on how to be business ready to give aged care advice.



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