Why clients value aged care advice

For clients (and their families) peace of mind and a clear roadmap can make all the difference. Helping clients to make informed decisions gives them confidence.

Facing an aged care need is often an emotionally difficult and confusing time. This can lead to family conflicts which are fuelled by the Three G’s of aged careTM – grief, guilt and greed.

Making decisions on their own can be time consuming and costly for clients. Advice is the key to relieving the pressure to help clients choose the correct pathway.

Building opportunities

Aged care is about building relationships and providing guidance and does not necessarily rely on any product placement. It is a true advice scenario and the value-add to clients can be significant.

Whatever business model you choose for your aged care solution, the value for clients is derived from:

  • Planning well ahead of time for their aged care needs
  • Knowing where to start and what decisions need to be made as well as what it will take to get the care they need
  • Navigating through the process of moving into residential care or accessing home care – minimising fees or maximising entitlements can be a bonus outcome
  • Finding solutions that work for the family as a whole
  • Understanding the choices for structuring finances and estate planning
  • Guidance to make informed decisions during difficult times.

The three key questions clients want to address are:

Clients value your professional guidance, objectivity and expertise in deciding on an aged care solution that suits their needs and situation.

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